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"Let's Get Engaged" - June Community Engagement 
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The month of June derives from the name of Juno, the Roman goddess of marriage. While June is a very popular month to get married, we want you to celebrate by getting "Engaged"! Therefore, this month's Community Engagement theme is "Let's Get Engaged"!

So, let's kick off this summer by engaging in a plethora of fun events, activities, and programs throughout Howard County that is sure to check things off your bucket list of summer entertainment and excitement!

We can finally celebrate all the good things that summer has to offer because many events that have been cancelled over the past 2 years are making their grand comeback. Therefore, get out, participate, and take advantage of all the enjoyable, entertaining, and lively things Howard County has to offer during the month of June.

Click on the Sign-up button and you will be emailed your "Let's Get Engaged" list of events, actvities, workshops, and programs that is sure to entice the interest of people of all ages!


Dates: 06/01/2022 - 06/30/2022

Positions available!



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Engagement opportunities are throughout Howard County

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Darlene Vaselaros


(410) 313-5951

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