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The Coronavirus is continuing to spread fast, therefore fear and uncertainty is continuing to also spread amongst the community. The future of the Coronavirus is impossible to predict, but what we do know is that things will continue to change and progress. Therefore, we need to continue to prepare and adjust as the needs of the public continue to develop and change. Although we do not know the magnitude of the needs, the Department of Community Resources and Services is currently compiling a list of demands of the community and is working hard to best prepare for what is to come.

While we are still sorting through how to best utilize the services of volunteers, there are a few things that you can do to start having a positive impact on fighting this pandemic.

Therefore, there is no time like the present then to start or continue doing Acts of Kindness. The smallest Acts of Kindness will have the BIGGEST impacts! During a crisis such as this magnitude, it is crucial that the public unites by taking a "grassroots" approach! Therefore, please sign-up and I will email you an Acts of Kindness list of non-contact ideas and activities you can perform right in your own neighborhood while still practicing "social distancing".

In the meantime, please share how you are making a difference in the community so we can continue to add to our list of ideas. Also, if you have helped someone or have been the recipient of an Act of Kindness, please share your stories and pictures with us! Send emails to Darlene Vaselaros at dvaselaros@howardcountymd.gov

It is essential to remember that when performing services to assist others, be sure to continue practicing "social distancing" and stay in tune with any changes that continue to develop.

REMEMBER protect yourself first! Do NOT put yourself or others at risk!


Dates: 03/27/2020 -

Positions available!

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