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HoCo Summer Kindness Challenge (July Edition) 
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Now that more people are getting vaccinated and restrictions are being lifted, we are all beginning to plan for our "new normal" and make a fresh start.

The silver lining of the pandemic is that we all witnessed various Random Acts of Kindness over the course of many difficult and bleak months. Whether you were the person involved in the act (performing or receiving kindness) or just witnessed kindness, it allowed us to become mindful by embracing a positive emotion in real time. In addition, acts of kindness creates a "ripple effect" and for every act of kindness you perform, another person will "pay it forward" by being kind.

Therefore, the Howard County Office on Aging & Independence is kicking off a HoCo Summer Kindness Challenge. We are asking the community to take part in performing acts of kindness throughout the summer. The more people to take the challenge the kinder, safer, and more engaged Howard County will become!

So, become a "kindness ambassador" by signing up to take the challenge and begin to observe the impact you make as the "ripple effect" spreads.

With your sign-up, you will receive an email with the kindness challenges for the month of July.

Please be sure to check back on the volunteer website to register for the August challenge.


Dates: 06/24/2021 - 08/31/2021

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Darlene Vaselaros


(410) 313-5951

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