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"Reset, Rethink, Refresh" 
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January was named after the Roman God, Janus who oversees openings, doorways, and other similar entryways. Therefore, as we head into a new year, we will be starting the first page of our 365-page novel. This is the time to let go of the past and begin with a fresh start by taking advantage of all the openings, doorways, and other similar entryways that life has to offer in order to make this year have a happy and more meaningful ending!

As we approach this year with hopes of saying hello to an "endemic" and good-bye of the "pandemic" we can begin to establish our "new normal". This is the year to Refresh! It's a time to reset by beginning to rethink of all the old routines and rituals that no longer serve you and replace them with things, so you will be able to live a more fulfilling and purposeful life.

Therefore, January's community engagement theme is "Reset, Rethink, Refresh". To receive a list of creative ideas and ways you can start living the life you have been striving for, please click on the "sign up" button. You will be emailed with a list that will be sure to help you get started to live a more purposeful, meaningful life.


Dates: 01/01/2022 - 01/31/2022

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Darlene Vaselaros


(410) 313-5951

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