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2019 Park Watch Safety Patrols 
Howard County Rec & Parks -


Park Watch Safety Patrols | On-going | Sunrise-Sunset | Various Days of the Week & Locations | 18+ yrs

The Park Watch Program is a community-oriented awareness and Volunteer initiative committed to improving park and patron safety, spreading awareness of public safety, deterring and reducing crime through the cooperative efforts of community Volunteers, law enforcement and park staff.

Our volunteers are regular park-goers who are interested in being the "eyes and ears" of their community. Volunteers are trained in what to look for and how to report issues like crimes in progress, safety concerns within parks, vandalism and graffiti, or suspicious behaviors.

Position Description:
Keep yourself safe, first and foremost;
- Pick your favorite park, your local park, or new park to incorporate a safety patrol into your routine;
- Keep an eye out for any suspicious activities, graffiti or vandalism, unsafe situations or other problems;
- Report any findings appropriately;
- Safety patrols are to be conducted anytime during normal operating hours, and can be done as you walk your dog, go for a hike or jog, or however you typically enjoy parks;
- Never interfere with a crime in progress;
- Pay attention to your surroundings and activities going on in the park or facility;
- Report any emergency situation to 9-1-1;
- Contact the Park Rangers at 410-245-1410 if you observe non-emergency situations, per your Park Watch training.

*Background check is required for this Opportunity*

Additional info:

Your safety is the top priority. Never place yourself in harm's way. Be a good witness and report what you observe. Whenever you are outside, make sure you have proper footwear and seasonal apparel, water, snacks, any medication, and a fully-charged cell phone. Contact parkwatch@howardcountymd.gov with questions, comments, or concerns.


Minimum age: 18


Dates: 03/11/2019 - 12/31/2019

25 Positions available!

Various Locations

Location Description:

Contact Info

Amy Carpenter-Driscoll


(410) 313-1673

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