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HoCo "Rocks"! Gary J. Arthur Community Center Rock Garden Art Exhibit 
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Howard County Community "ROCKS", but we want to make it even "Boulder"!

Age-Friendly Howard County is a community initiative that is striving to make an even better place for people of all ages to grow up and grow older! By creating a more age-friendly, livable community, people of all ages will have their needs met which will allow for people to engage in their community in a healthy and safe way. Therefore, we want YOU to help us promote age-friendly by engaging in our rock painting opportunity.

This Age-Friendly opportunity will promote and encourage people to express themselves, have their voices heard, and help unify the community by seeing the impact of how a couple painted rocks by you will make such a beautiful community "rock garden" when placed with the others.

So let your creativity soar, get as creative as you want and have your voice heard through art!

Job Duties:
- Click the "sign up" button to let us know that you'll be contributing rocks to the Gary J. Arthur Community Center exhibit.

- Gather rocks from your own backyard or purchase them

- Design your rock to your liking

- Bring your rocks to Gary J. Arthur Community Center. Look for the Rock Garden Exhibit sign outdoors. Place your rocks in the exhibit area outdoors.

Instructions for Painting DIY Rocks:
1. Purchase and/or collect your supplies.

2. Clean your rocks and allow them time to dry.

3. Paint your rocks. Get creative!

4. Seal your rocks.

5. Drop off your rocks at appropriate rock collection location. See location tab for details.

Students can earn 2 service learning hours for painting 5 rocks.


Dates: 10/01/2021 -

Positions available!

Contact Info

Darlene Vaselaros


(410) 313-5951

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